Our clients enjoy a suite of services that protect their operations, provides business insights, and is supported by our team of experienced AV professionals.

Use your favorite team, search thousands of AV freelancers, or broadcast gig details and have freelancers come to you. Mertzcrew will handle the contracts, freelancer payments, and Workers’ Comp insurance so you can focus on executing your project.
Customized & Compliant Individual Contracts. All W9 Collection & 1099 Distribution.
Workers Comp & General Liability for Freelancers
Approval of Freelancer Cost Prior To Invoicing. Payment of Services, Per Diems & Expenses
Mertzcrew includes crewing tools to help you track availabilities, communicate schedules & locations, and manage labor costs.
Crew Scheduling, Employee Timesheets, & Real-Time Tracking of Services.
Advanced Crew Availability & Crew Call Report.
Per Diem, Expense Tracking, & Job Costing.
Mertzcrew Concierge makes integrating Mertzcrew into your existing crewing process faster and smoother. Our team will work side-by-side with your team so your company can enjoy the cost & protection benefits of Mertzcrew from Day one.
Minimal Administrative Effort, Seamless Transition
Advanced Crew Availability & Crew Call Report.
Dedicated Customer Success Manager, & Immediate Utilization ROI.